Mango Races

Joel and I have had a very nice Friday.

We popped to Queensville to buy Mummy a maternity top to wear to work on Tuesday. I’m being positive about the scan on Monday for once. Things will be ok, so I can make my announcement and show the bump the next day.

Then we came home and although it was a bit early, we were hungry so had beans on toast for lunch. I forgot to say grace today, (normally we just put our hands together, and say Dear Jesus, thank you for this lovely day and thank you for this food, Amen), and Joel just looked at me, put his hands together and said ‘Dear Jesus, Amen’ then began eating!! I was highly amused, and felt that it was a very good example of children showing the way!!

The boiler man came round to do some work in our dining room so we left him to it and went to play in the garden. We got Joel’s paddling pool out and had fun pouring water on things, (Joel thought it was very funny to use his watering can on Mummy’s toes) and then came in to play with his Duplo set. We built some lego trees and made a farm yard!

Then we went out for a walk with Joel on his Smart-trike which Grandma bought him from Ebay. I wasn’t very good with the steering pole, and poor Joel was going from left to right quite a bit, but we made it around the block with Izzy which was the main point.

We made Chicken Chow Mein for dinner and I have to say it was the nicest chinese meal I’ve ever made!! It was a Tesco Chicken Stir Fry fresh sauce, and I cooked chicken, strips of carrot, courgette, pepper and a bit of red onion in soy sauce, and added Pak Choi to the noodles and just mulched it together.

For pudding I had two beautifully ripe mangoes for us to share. Note the word share!! I cut one up for Joel and me, and being a dutiful mother gave him the first half all cubed up, (I do the thing Delia taught the world where you slice one half off, then cut three ways horizontally, and vertically, turn it inside out like a hedgehog and cut the cubes off!) and he looked at it, and then the second half and said ‘more mummy’. I said, this one is Mummy’s, you can eat yours” and seriously, he nearly killed me with giggles as he began cramming into his mouth as fast as he could. He obviously thought if he emptied his bowl he’d get more of my mango and his cheeks were like greedy hamster cheeks and he couldn’t get it all in as fast as he’d have liked to!! I also found myself eating faster than I’d have liked so as not to have to share my half with him!! We did share the middle section flesh though, once that had been cut off.

Then he had his eye on the second mango. Steve joined us a little later, and once he’d finished his noodles I cut his mango up for him, but both halves, (I kept the middle bit for me as compensation for what had been lost to Joel!!) and Joel took the whole bowl and told Steve that it was his. Steve was only allowed a bit of the watermelon (which I’d also brought out to stop him wanting all the mango!!) Steve tried to take a piece but Joel was adament that the mango was Joels alone, and the watermelon was all Steve was allowed.

I was laughing so much to myself, and it’s hard trying to explain the concept of sharing, but in the end we just said to take it in turns. Joel had first turn and took the biggest chunk of the bowl, but then we said ‘Daddy’s turn’ and Joel begrudgingly allowed him to have one. As long as he felt he was getting the lion’s share he co-operated until the last piece which Daddy was not allowed. But Daddy stepped aside for him.

I hate to think what tomorrow’s nappy will be like :/

Oh, and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet, but suddenly, Steve is now Daddy!! The past couple of weeks joel has stopped calling him Steve, and gives a lovely ‘Daddy’ which is good, as I kept thinking people would think he was my latest boyfriend rather than the father of my child!! So we are Mummy and Daddy now!! And we like it that way!


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