13 Weeks

At least I hope so. I still can’t shake off the negativity that something has gone wrong again, but I guess thats to be expected after last time.
I’ve had no signs that anything bad has happened, and I’m getting a bit of a bump going on so I am presuming it’s good news. Less than a week till the scan though. And two more days of baggy tops at work!! I am looking fat in them, so I can’t wait for Tuesday when I can wear a more fitted look and show off the bump to announce it!!

How far along: 13 Weeks.

Total Weight Gained: Not sure. Due to not actually owning scales I’ve not weighed myself for a week. I don’t really want to either.

Maternity Clothes: Nope. Just baggy tops and bigger trousers for work although I am in maternity pyjamas for bed time and loving my maternity pillow!!

Stretch Marks: No new ones yet, just the old ones looking saggy faced

Sleep: It’s not been too bad. I’m waking up around 2am for a toilet trip, and then at 6am which is more to do with Joel being up at 6am for the past week or so. Although today he slept in till 7.30am! Bliss!! I even got a cup of tea in bed today!

Best Moment of the Week: Having my Mum give us a homemade chicken and ham pie for tea yesterday so I didn’t have to cook. If I cook, I can’t eat the meal whereas if its provided I seem to be ok!

Movement: Not a bean yet. I could really do with feeling something soon, just for reassurance.

Gender: I don’t know. I have no hunches or feelings at all. i’d love a girl but I’d love a boy as much. A boy would mean we didn’t have to buy much. A girl would get a lot of hand me downs from her cousin. I just don’t think I could be a team yellow person!

Belly Button: Still in!

Milestones: I seem to have made it past my first trimester so woo hoo. I just need the picture to prove it. Then I may allow myself to feel a bit more excited, as though I may actually have another baby come February!


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