Starting the Countdown

I checked way back in this blog and saw that I’d begun a countdown post to Joel’s birth from about 11 weeks!! Since I turned 12 weeks yesterday (!) I thought I’d better try and do the same this time round as well. So here we go….

How far along: 12 weeks + 1 day today

Total Weight Gained: It’s not good.  I won’t lie.  I lost over 8lbs and was nearly back at my pre Joel weight when I got pregnant in February and I’ve not really tried to lose it again after it all went back on.  I’ve put on about 4lbs so far although I’ve not been eating too badly and have missed a lot of evening meals through nausea.

Maternity Clothes:  I’m currently not in maternity clothes, although my trousers won’t do up and are being fastened with a hair band and I’m still trying to hide the bump as I’ve not told managers at work yet.  Plus, it’s summer and my maternity wardrobe is more a winter one!!  So I don’t have a lot to wear anyway in this heat.

Stretch Marks:  No new ones yet, just the old ones looking saggy faced 😦

Sleep:  Not great at the moment to be honest.  It’s more the heatwave than anything else.  Although I am feeling anxious about the next scan.

Best Moment of the Week:  Taking an afternoon off work to nap yesterday.  I’m so tired at the moment!  My 3 day week is proving too much for me!

Movement:  None yet.  I felt Joel at 17 weeks so am interested to see whether it’s earlier being my second.

Gender:  No idea yet.  I’ve not been physically sick but I have felt a lot worse nausea wise but reckon that could be because I’m older than last time?!

Belly Button:  Still looking saggy from previous baby.  But still an ‘inny’

Milestones:  12 weeks is a good milestone, although I do wish I could have had a 12 week scan to see that I’ve got there officially.  Mine will be a 13+5 scan.  Sigh.


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