Waiting Days…..

After the scan a week last Friday I felt reassured and ok having seen the wiggler in action.

However, that was 9 days ago and having had a dream the other night that things went bad again, I am now in a state of anxiety again and stressing. I can’t sleep (because our bed is creaking again, I don’t know what Steve did when he built it again but it didn’t do it after my Dad put it together), Steve snores terribly and Izzy has been sleeping on the top step on the other side of the stair gate and buffing in her sleep and woofing and every single noise I hear wakes me at the moment.

I feel like a zombie. A stressed out, anxious zombie which doesn’t help matters does it.

I can’t work out my dates anyway. From our holiday I reckoned I should be 9 weeks, but if you go back to the ERPC as an LMP date then I should be 12 weeks. The next date of my scan is 5th August when I’ll be nearly 14 weeks! Surely this is too late for the NT scan? I might ring up to enquire this morning. Ideally, I’d love to get a scan this Friday so we can tell people this weekend as we’re at a Steve’s family wedding.

Plus, I want to see that things are still ok. My tummy has gone down a bit, so the bloat has passed on (which happened last time with Joel) so I may be able to disguise the bump if we’re not telling people, and I’m not feeling to bad at the moment, just very tired so with having Joel I’ll be able to excuse myself early and take him to bed!! Perfect!

I just need to know that things are ok again this time. It’s amazing how quickly the reassurance of a scan wears off!


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