A Bowl of Wee

With the weather suddenly having turned ridiculously hot and sunny, we’ve been letting Joel wander around as naked as the day he was born, to splash in paddling pools and get mucky!  Yesterday he declared ‘wee wee’ and stood over the pool and weed directly into it!  Interesting, we thought.  He obviously knew he was going to do it and did it somewhere he thought he could.

So we got a washing up bow from the shed and told him to try and wee into that next time.

It didn’t happen.  What did happen was a pile of poop on the lawn which was disgusting as my Dad was trying to clean the grass with babywipes, and keep flies off it and pouring lots of water there.  Joel did not like having his bottom wiped standing up either.

Then later, he did another wee, but in the wendy house, although he did come out to tell me that he had weed in there.

Then, after dinner, we were outside again, and I suggested that he try to do a wee in the bowl.  So he stood there, and I sat there and we waited.  He was concentrating very hard, his little face was trying to work out how to use the muscles, his stomach was pushed out with the effort, and then, he did it!  He weed into the bowl and was so proud of himself!!

He doesn’t seem to like sitting on a potty or toilet yet, but if we can work on wees going into the toilet, that’s something at least.

I wasn’t planning on putting him pants yet, but if he’s ready, I’m willing to give it a go.  Although I’m back to work this week, so two weeks ago would have been better!!!


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