Another Scan….

And things are fine.  I can’t find the words to express how relieved I am.  We saw a 10 week and 2 day old baby, wriggling and kicking around looking very healthy.  I think I can finally start to think and plan for a new baby arriving in February.

We have a wedding in two weeks, and having borrowed three dresses from my sister to save buying one (we have no spare money at the moment!) all of them show off a little bump.  I think we may have to announce it, or wait and see who is blunt enough to ask whether I’m just fat or pregnant!!  With it being so soon from the miscarriage maybe people won’t ask.  I’d be 12 weeks for the wedding, but wouldn’t have had the scan until 13 weeks to be on the safe side.  I may have to tell work next week though, as it will be too hard to hide and they will likely ask.

The house is moving along slowly.  The plaster cost an extra £70 to what we expected but hey ho.  He did a good job, and we need to paint the ceilings white this weekend, pull up the carpets, and possibly (depending on heat and exhaustion) remove the wallpaper from our bedroom.  It’s hard to be motivated when it’s so hot you just want to live in a fridge.

For some silly reason I walked a mile in the searing heat today to collect post from our old house and had to just pop to the local co-op to stand by the fridges before heading home.  Then I had to lie down for a while feeling funny and wishing I hadn’t been so daft.  I think I’m still stressing over my weight and thinking of walking before driving.

I shall scan my scan pics in when back at work anyway, and show you.  She gave me five, and it’s amazing how much it’s grown since being just a kidney bean 3 weeks ago.  I must have been 7 weeks then, as they thought this would be 9 weeks.  I get another scan on the 5th August though.   I’m so pleased they’re looking after me so well.


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