Feeling Smug

Hello Blogland!

It’s been a while.  To be honest, I’ve been going through that crazy shattering tired spell you get in the first trimester, and feeling so nauseous blogging has been the last thing on my mind this past week.  I’ve been resting, watching season 2 of Smash and Hart of Dixie, drinking fizzy water and elderflower and trying to work out what I fancy eating (nothing actually 😦 everything is bleurgh at the moment).

And why do I feel smug?  Because Steve has been in a mood this evening due to the fact he couldn’t find a computer game he’d bought at the weekend and he wanted to play it.  I helped look, until he shouted at me for losing it (for which there is no evidence whatsoever), and he went off without it.  I then checked the blue recycle bin outside which he’d just filled up and there it was, caught up in some letters and newspapers.  So thus the smugness.  He had thrown it away himself.  HA!!

Anyway, I get an evening to myself which is good as I’m suffering another TMI early pregnancy symptom.  The good old windypops and although I’m normally pretty discreet, Steve took too much delight in embarrassing me over dinner telling me all about what I was doing last night in my sleep.  I mean, surely that doesn’t count?  If I’m asleep?

Joel has gone to bed well this evening which is the first evening in a long time where I’ve not had to sit on the foot of his bed and avoid eye contact.  Last night he woke twice and wouldn’t settle the second time, so ended up in our bed, then woke up when Steve went to his breakfast meeting so we’ve all been up since 5.45.  That could have something to do with Joel being more tired tonight I guess!  Anyway, I don’t know if he’s still settling into a new house, new bedroom, big boy bed or what, but he really doesn’t like going to sleep on his own at the moment.

He’s so lovely though, despite the naughtiness which is emerging.  He knows when he’s doing something he shouldn’t.  He gets a look in his eye, and a ‘naughty’ face on.  I say no, and he tries to do it three times before I stop him.  I haven’t smacked him, and I don’t want to resort to it, but I’m at a bit of a loss how to discipline him any other way.  We have tried the naughty step, and that only works if we confiscate his noonie as well, but he was beginning to put himself on the step which was undermining our authority.

But on the whole, he’s a happy chappy who is confident, enjoys life and is getting very good at talking.

And the house.  Well, we bought carpets for the lounge and master bedroom.  They’re due to be fitted on Tuesday, which unfortunately is the same day our plasterer wants to come back to do the ceilings, so I’m trying to reschedule.  I think I’ve persuaded Steve that we should go with a bathroom quote we had for £2495 and maybe book them for next month.  And once the ceilings are plastered and painted white, I will use lining paper in the dining room and get that one sorted.

I think I’ve been feeling unsettled myself as I still don’t feel that it’s my home.  I miss my old house and the fact I had all my things about.  Most of my stuff is still in storage as we’ve not unpacked anything really.  I need some shelves and a coffee table in the lounge to put my pictures on.  I can’t wait to get a new floor for the hall.  I know it won’t likely all be done by Christmas, but if the dining room and our bedroom can be sorted that would be something.  And we’ll need the back bedroom to be a nursery by February if all goes well.  It’ll be nice to have the cot set up again, and my rocking chair, and changing unit.

There’s just such a lot to sort in the meantime.  And money is an issue now.  But we knew it would be, so one room at a time was the mantra.

We’re going away tomorrow for a few days in Devon at Steve’s parents, so I’m hoping the nausea will calm down.  I can’t remember feeling this rough with Joel so am wondering whether it could be a girl?  And we head back on Monday, to my midwife appointment (again) and another scan on the Friday.  Trying not to think about it  too much.

And that is sort of where I am at the moment.


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