Well, of sorts.  No work for the next two weeks!  I had to use up my holiday this month so quite happily booked two weeks leave.  Not to go anywhere or do anything, but possibly get some decorating done.  At least that was the plan.  The way I’m feeling at the moment, I may have a week in bed instead!  I could sleep for a week, plus I’m coming down with a cold.  I think all the hectic weeks at work are taking their toll.

Today I went into town on the bus with Joel, but his late nights and early starts have affected him, so by 10.30am he fell fast asleep and missed the bus ride.  We got some vouchers for my Dad’s birthday for a nice restaurant meal, and a birthday card.  Then walked all the way home as it was quicker than waiting for a return bus.

Then I made Joel some lunch as I’ve felt off food all day with nausea, and began to feel really drowsy.  There wasn’t really any chance of him having another nap after sleeping in the morning but I lay down with him in bed and dropped off, whereas he didn’t.  Next thing I knew it was almost 3pm and I’d been asleep.  Joel was sitting next to me, but had been rampaging upstairs and emptied all shelves of toys and shoes.

We’ve played with train sets this afternoon and sat and watched Peter Pan on DVD and now Joel is terribly tired and may not last till bedtime.

Not such a good day really.  I always feel really bad when I’m not up to much with my little man, but I can’t really do much else today.  I just want to go to sleep 😦  But am still feeling slightly reassured by the constant nausea and tiredness.  Two weeks till my next scan.


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