I’m really tired at the moment.  And nauseous all the time.  I find nibbling helps keep the nausea at bay but nothing is really helping the tiredness!  I’m going to bed early every night, and trying to nap when I can, (which is only on a Monday really) but with getting up twice a night to wee I’m feeling the strain.

Today I had my weetabix for breakfast.  I’m drinking a lot of milk.  We had tomato soup and crusty bread for lunch, with some mature cheddar as well ginger cake and grapes.  Then this afternoon I felt sick again and ate a plate of cheese and crackers before having sausages for tea.  The diet has well and truly gone now.

I keep getting little sicky burps which don’t help matters and my trousers are beginning to feel tight.  My pyjama bottoms were digging in last night and I had to keep adjusting the waistband.  I’m also feeling cold all the time but I think that’s overtiredness.

Joel is being a good boy at the moment.  He’s good at pottering about and entertaining himself most of the time.  I can sit and rest for a bit and just ask him for snacks and drinks and he goes off to his playsets and brings me fake tea and play toast!  

We made it to his toddler group this morning.  We were a bit late having nipped to Asda for some shopping beforehand.  As we live a bit further away we can’t just nip in the same manner we used to, so I didn’t want to drive out again this afternoon.  He played relatively nicely and only got a bit monkeyish at the end of the songs.  He did sleeping bunnies very nicely today!


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