Day of Worries

I’ve had a lot on my mind today.

Our dog has eaten something horrid, had a terrible tummy all weekend and we found some of her ‘liquid presents’ had blood in so got her to the vets this morning.  She’s not been too bad today after a 24 hour fast but I couldn’t sleep well last night and I heard her whining at 2.30am so let her out and took her down the garden where I heard her trump and splat for a little while 😦  Poor thing.

Anyway, I think she’s on the mend now, and I’ve been looking after and cooking her boiled chicken, rice and scrambled egg to introduce bland food to her system.  She’s also got antibiotics for the stomach infection and some meat paste with charcoal in to settle her tummy.   She’s been very sorry for herself and hasn’t even wanted to go for walks or play ball so you know she’s been feeling bad.  I hope she’s learnt her lesson but somehow I doubt it.

Then this morning I felt odd with a dull ache low in my pelvis.  To be honest, it felt like it did when I miscarried in April.  I’d had a day of feeling achey so to feel that again has stressed me out.  I remember twingy pains with Joel but ache means bad for me now.

I called the Doctor to ask if I could go in for a scan today.  Then I decided I wasn’t feeling so achey anymore, and then got a letter to say I had an early scan booked for Friday.  So I called back to say I wouldn’t hassle for a scan today and would wait for Friday.

So Friday morning I have a scan which could be good or terrible news and in the afternoon I’m meant to be going on our Church weekend away.  I really hope and pray that its good news else I’ll be a wreck all weekend.  Three days of work and then a scan.  Work will help occupy me and take my mind of it all as it’s very busy but I doubt I’ll sleep well this week.


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