Father’s Day

Today is fathers day so Steve has had a lie in.  Like every day really, but I couldn’t get him up on what is meant to be a special day for him.  Joel gave him a present of Daddy Pig pyjamas and some chocolate!  And we’re taking my Dad out for lunch as my Mum is busy with her sisters this weekend.  All I can hear from upstairs (as Steve doesn’t know I’m back from walking the dog) is Joel falling over and getting upset and Daddy apparently not watching him or looking after him.  I should go and sort things out, but I kind of want him to know how stressful it is trying to get ready in a morning with a Joel running around as well.

I’m feeling occasionally nauseous at the moment but my boobs are really aching and tingling.  I’m still in underwired bras as I’ve not got to the point where I need maternity, but last time I was in maternity trousers by 8 weeks.  This time, I’m not feeling as bloated so maybe things will be better?  I just wish I could know whether things were ok in there or not.  I’m having to get up to wee twice a night so am feeling rather tired at the mom ent.  And I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have eaten a huge Indian take away last night.  It’s not had a good effect on me!

I took a digital test yesterday and it came up with a 3+ which made me feel better and puts me at 5-6 weeks, like the Dr said.  Still such early days and such a long wait until the 12 weeks scan to know if things will have a better chance this time.  I hate to be negative but another miscarriage would be so awful.

My niece came to play with Joel the other day and they played so nicely together.  I just really want him to have a little sibling to be his best friend and it’s taking so long 😦


February seems so long away, but August isn’t I guess and that’s when we’ll get the better idea whats going on.  *sigh*.

EDIT: – I had to put this down and run upstairs when I heard crash bang and crying.  I went into the bathroom to see Steve standing under the shower, Joel howling wearing a towel and soaking wet as he’d fallen head first into the bath whilst Steve was in it!  Steve glared at me and asked why I’d been gone so long as he wanted a shower.  I replied that I deal with Joel and getting ready in a morning every single day and he doesn’t fall in a bath fully clothed.  He was so upset and I had to sit him on my knee and cuddle him for about 20 minutes to calm him down.  He was scared and soaking head to toe.  Honestly.  Is it just me or are most husbands like this?!  Hopeless and helpless springs to mind!



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