Daddy Steve

When Joel wakes up he tends to lie in bed and sing to himself, or chat to  himself.

It’s very cute to listen to, it’s as though he’s practising some words for the day.

This morning he was saying “goodbye Grandma, goodbye Mummy, goodbye Steve”!!

I do wish he’d say Daddy rather than Steve.  It’s because when he was hearing our names Steve would say ‘Mummy?’ and I’d answer right away, because I hear when he speaks and reply.  I’d say ‘Daddy’ and get no response from Steve, so would say ‘Daddy’ a bit louder, and then in an exasperated tone ‘Steve’ to which he’d go ‘uh’. 

So it isn’t a surprise really that Joel has never learnt to call Steve ‘Daddy’.  He knows that Steve is his Daddy, but he calls him Steve.  I’m sure people must think Steve isn’t his father, just some random man I’ve met since, but maybe he’ll get the hang of calling him Daddy soon?!


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