What Breakfast Looks Like….

I’ve probably said before, Steve doesn’t get up in a morning.

I wake up between 6 and 7am.  Joel wakes up around the same time, most certainly before 7.30am.  Steve will sleep in every single morning leaving me to get up and sort myself and Joel out.  We’re used to it now.  We put on our slippers and dressing gowns, (“mama pink robe!”  Joel Blue robe!”) and we go downstairs.  I make myself a cup of tea and Joel has a cup of water or juice.  It’s not long before he’s asking for ‘Cheerios’ which means cereal, not just cheerios, although it can mean Cheerios as well!!  Pretty much he likes a Weetabix every morning, with either rice krispies on top or cheerios depending on his mood.  The day Daddy did sort breakfast out he just gave Joel a bowl of cheerios which caused two year old tantrum crying!!  And Steve was very confused because obviously Joel had asked for cheerios.

Anyway, moving on to the actual point of the post……  sometimes we don’t have cereal, we have toast!!!

And I get to sit across the table from the cutest boy ever and chat to him whilst he’s in a good mood (and Steve is missing out on these special times)….  I was brought up in a family where we all came down for breakfast at the same time and sat down together around a table, and laid out cereal, toast, juice and tea in a tea pot and ate it as a family  meal.  I liked it, and want that for my family.  It would help if Steve a- got up in a morning, or b- ate breakfast!!

Stafford-20130606-01691 Stafford-20130606-01694

And for a treat we have nutella on toast!!  Yummy in our tummies….

p.s. please ignore the chaos around us in these pictures!  We are not even remotely sorted yet in any room other bedroom.  Its starting to stress me out!


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