So, I’m still in shock, but it would appear I’m pregnant again.  Just 5 weeks after my ERPC.  I didn’t think it would happen so fast for me.  I think it happened on holiday!!!

I have had two negatives tests so I know it’s not old hormones still in my system from the previous pregnancy, and I’m suffering with enough symptoms right now to be pretty sure that these are all new symptoms.

I’m feeling seriously rough.  I don’t seem to get morning sickness.  I get afternoon in evening and bedtime sickness.  I’ve not been sick yet, but then I wasn’t with Joel.  I just have to nibble biscuits.

I’ve been to the Dr today.  She was very nice and didn’t tell me off for not waiting for a period first.  She even said congratulations, advised me not to worry about things (of course that won’t happen!!) and has booked me in for an early scan to see if things are on track.

So rather than a November baby, we think this one will be a February baby but of course only a dating scan will tell.  She estimated I am about 5 weeks so far.

I’m trying not to be excited.  But not worry at the same time.  I’m a conflict of emotion but quietly hopeful.  It’s certainly a blessing to catch so soon and I just hope this one stays….


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