Daisies and Dandelions

I feel as thought I’m really playing catch up at the moment.  Being without internet for near a week, with the busy-ness we’ve had means I’ve not posted things for ages and I keep mentally storing up things I want to post but with my mind in its current state, I’m sure a lot has gone by the wayside.

This post was one I originally wanted to write after Joel’s birthday when we sat on a sunny hill and taught him the difference between daisies and dandelions.  He still remembers which one is which now, and proudly roars at the dandelions and picks daisies carefully with a long stalk so he can give them to Grandma.


Joel loves walking Izzy.  Izzy isn’t so enamoured as she prefers a faster pace!!


The other morning I walked the long way round from our new house (20 minutes rather than 3!!) so Izzy could have a walk and do her business, and the hedges were full of flowers.  So Joel and I picked daises, buttercups, pink campion and cows parsley which made a lovely little posy.  I told Joel he could give them to Grandma and he clutched them in his hand all the way there!  We rang the doorbell once at my parents and Grandma opened the door to find Joel holding his posy up to her!!  It was so cute 🙂

Anyway, since them he’ll find daises, exclaim over them, carefully pick them but only want to give them to Grandma!  And it’s normally me with him but I don’t merit a daisy apparently!!


Searching the grass for flowers….

Stafford-20130607-01703 (1)

Daisy!   Grandma?!!!


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