One Week On….

Ok, so we’ve been at our new house for a week, and it feels as though progress is not being made!!  I know it’s not true though, but because we’re living amongst chaos still it’s all a bit hampering still.

With Joel’s room all sorted before moving in that was one ticked off the list, but still the lounge, dining room, conservatory, kitchen, master bedroom and second bedroom were left, not to mention the bathroom (which is a big project I want to hire someone in to do).

We decided that the lounge would be the next room, because if people come round we want somewhere to sit down and entertain, and once its done, we’ve got a haven amongst the chaos at the end of a day.

So far things are going well, if not expensively.  We had the old polystyrene ceiling tiles.  Both hideous and a firemans nightmare, so my Dad got rid of those in here whilst I scraped the walls down of wallpaper.  That left a ceiling of orange glue dots which wouldn’t come off easily, and having got a plasterer round to look, he advised just boarding over it all.  So we did.  Well, he did I should say.  He was in for three days last week, and has boarded our lounge ceiling, the chimney breast and the ceiling in the bathroom whilst he was here.

So the next step is sealing the plaster and we’re giving it an extra day to dry to be on the safe side before attacking it with watered down paint to get a seal on.  

The final plan is to paint all the room a pale but warm grey colour called Clouded Pearl (I think, I need to double check against the paper once it arrives) and wallpaper the whole fireplace wall. I fell in love with a paper in Laura Ashely (of all places) and they had one roll in a batch end box for £6.  Which would have been amazing had I needed one roll.  I need 3 rolls!!!  And full price it’s £40 a roll.  Which I don’t think I could pay.  However on Ebay we sourced three rolls from the same batch for £33 which makes it £11 a roll.  Still more than I’ve ever paid for wallpaper but a bargain for what it is.  (When I enquired in Laura Ashley about it as it didn’t seem to be in stock, the assistant told me its special paper only sourced when requested!!)

My other bargain was the fireplace.   I’ve said all along I wanted a big mantlepiece which you can hang a Christmas Stocking on and having gone round shops with Steve, everything seemed expensive and a bit plain and boring.  So I looked on Ebay and found a slimline gas fire, hearth and surround on at £300.  I checked the dimensions and it would fit, and I took a gamble, offered £270 and won it.  The con was it was in Manchester but my Father in Law didn’t mind going to get it one evening with Steve.  The pro was we both loved it, it fitted and saved us about £1000!!  I know what I want, and scrimping on quality isn’t part of it, but I’m quite happy to scoop a second hand bargain 🙂

So with the fire, wallpaper and plastering we’ve still got to sort out a carpet and curtains, shelving and lights.  And I shall see what other bargains there are to be had, and show a before and after picture hopefully next week!


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