A Day Out

Every so often my Uni chums and I meet up for a catch up.  It happens two to three times a year, and this year for the first time since my wedding three years ago, our fourth comrade was over from Australia where she’s been living for the past 6 years so it was a proper reunion!!

We met up at a country park north of Nottingham.  It was a bit of a drive for me from where we live, but it was a lovely place to meet.  We had a picnic whilst the kids played in a park, then strolled around to feed ducks, sat again whilst the kids rolled down hills before finishing the day off with a cream tea in a cafe!


Although not as sunny as where we set off from, sunglasses came in useful!!Image

I think I dropped my camera here, but this was during the picnic!!Image

Playing catch and running up and down…Image

And here we are having our tea and scones!  (I say scones like phones rather than ones!!)


It was a lovely day and I always enjoy catching up with my friends.  It’s hard to believe we all graduating University together in 2000 and here we are, 13 years later still good friends.

Steve came along because I thought all their husbands would be there too!  I’m not sure he’s forgiven me yet.  I won’t ask him next time!  Oops!!  He was useful though as he played with Joel so I could chat and relax a bit.  We’ll work extra hard on the house tomorrow and Monday to compensate for the day off!


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