‘Bang’ seems to mean a few things to Joel at the moment.

It’s a noise, an action, and also means pain.

Yesterday was a nightmare.  It began well enough.  We went to church, Joel helped set up and Steve recorded him singing ‘Wind The Bobbin Up’ into a microphone!  All very cute.

It happened after church.  It was due to be a nice day.  We wanted to go to the new house and get on with clearing and scraping as Steve hadn’t been since we got the keys as he’s ridiculously busy at the moment.

We had lamb chops at home for lunch all ready to cook, but we decided to stay at church for lunch as it would mean we could get to the new house faster.  I nipped home to get my working clothes and when I got back Steve was holding a sobbing Joel and looking crazy stressed.  He thought Joel had broken his wrist!  I said I doubted it, but Steve insisted something was the matter.  He’d been holding Joel’s hand outside on the carpark (as we do becaus when cars are around he isn’t allowed to roam free) and he was grumpy about it.  He’d had a tantrum and flopped his legs but rather than let go so he fell, Steve had pulled his hand and dropped him onto grass instead thinking he was helping.  Joel wouldn’t let anyone near it and it hung helplessly against his side.  You could see his fingers moving, but he kept whimpering and crying and sobbing ‘bang, Joel bang’.

After two hours in A&E and (again, just 4 weeks after the ERPC), numerous (very painful) x-rays for Joel, they told us he had a pulled elbow (like a dislocation) and the Dr pinched it back together again very suddenly.  We were in a cubicle, Joel’s face was grubby from all the tears, I was frazzled and Steve was stressed, and he didn’t say anything, he just reached out and put his arm back together.  Joel cried and yelled and screamed, then stopped.  It was that fast.  The pain he must have been in just went.  He remembered it though, and wanted Mummy to carry him and he cuddled in and rested his head on my shoulder.

Steve was feeling so guilty he took Joel to Asda (whilst I got baby ibuprofen for any pain) and let him choose sweets.  Joel always goes for biggest so where I would have allowed a bag of buttons or tube of smarties, Steve got him a share bag of Mars Planets!!  And Joel doesn’t share.  I had to distract him to take them away as a 2 year old cannot eat that much chocolate and still want dinner.

He then also fell out of his bed last night and woke crying at 2.30 ‘bang Mama, bang’.  Poor baby.  He’s not had a good day.  Let’s hope this Bank Holiday is better for him.


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