Doing up a house is hard.  I’ve not had to do it for ten years, and I’ve been in for a few hours today, and begun scraping the wallpaper from the lounge walls.

I’ve done two of them.  I could probably have cracked on and done more, but to be honest, I was tired, hungry, bored and a bit lonely!!!  My parents are away, Steve is filming so it was just me trying to get started!

A lovely friend from church offered to take Joel for the day on a play date.  She has two children of 3 and 2 who my little dude does know, but it was the first time I’d left him with anyone who wasn’t family or nursery!!

I stayed for half an hour to see him settle in.  My friends son was so excited to have a boy to play with for a day, but Joel was a bit quiet to start with.  I felt awful driving away seeing him watching through the window, wondering what was happening!  My friend was kind enough to text me throughout the day to let me know what he was doing and that he was happy.

Then it was off to the house, dressed in my scroggy clothing and I worked out how to turn the water on to the house, discovered that a wasp had set up a little nest outside my back door, discovered that something was leaking somewhere from the water being turned on, and got going with the wallpaper steamer which had been lent to me by a colleague.

I managed to do nearly one whole wall (bar the top bit as I don’t like going up ladders) before I had to pop off to a wedding at church as I was helping sing the hymns.  After that and some lunch, I went back and did a second wall before giving up as I was tired, hungry and all the above as previously mentioned.

So i decided to call it a day, pop to B&Q and buy paint supplies for the small bedroom which is where we’ll put Joel once moved in, so it would be nice to get that one room sorted and together before next Saturday, and I called into KFC for a little wrap and a small pepsi to keep me going as I was starving.  A cold and icey pepsi is amazing when thirsty!!

I collected Joel who had been bathed and put in his pj’s (what a good friend!!) and on coming home we had a chat and a cuddle before he went to bed.  Have I mentioned that he’s now in a big bed?  We’d toyed with the idea of a toddler bed for him, but in that we have a single bed next to his cot, he’s decided that he’s big enough for the adult bed!  I’ve stuffed a pillow under the fitted sheet on the outside to help stop him rolling out of it, and put a duvet on the floor next to him in case he does.  And so far, we’ve had one night where I presume he fell out (I woke at 4.30 to hear crying and on staggering to his room found him standing on the carpet next to his bed!) it’s been fine.

And now I’m eating chocolate and drinking a glass of wine thinking of bed.  And its’ only 8.30!!  It would be nice to finish my book.  I’m into Game of Thrones again at the moment.  I’ve finished the 3rd book, and am nearing the conclusion of the fourth.  Sounds like a plan 🙂


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