Prepping For Holiday

I try to be an organised person.  I love packing to go on holiday, and for me, packing to go away for a week requires more than two hours of flinging clothes into a case just before we leave.

So with that in mind I’ve been getting ready the past couple of weeks.

My first task was to go through our summer wardrobes, all stashed beneath our bed in suitcases.  Everything then got put through the washed and dried in the sunshine during a sunny spell which was very handy, as that much washing drying inside isn’t the greatest!

Then it was time to make piles!!  I tried everything of mine on to see what would fit and wouldn’t fit.  Three years ago I was the lightest I’d ever been after getting married, two years ago I’d just had a baby so nothing from the last year fitted and last year I’d just bought a few new things in a right size.  From this I got a decent heap of clothes that both fitted and would make outfits once away.

I was also packing for Steve and Joel, and Steve is easy.  He hasn’t changed size or shape much and I put his four pairs of shorts, two swim shorts, and eight t-shirts and two jumpers in a case!!  With seven pants and pairs of socks, a pair of sandals and flip flops.  If only women were so simple to pack for!!  Joel has a lot more as he gets grubby more easily.  I’ve packed him seven pairs of shorts, a couple of trousers, seven t-shirts and some long sleeved tops and about three jumpers/hoodys.  He has two swimsuits with hats and some pumps, sandals and shoes.  Oh, and some swim shoes for on the beach.

For me I have about 6 t-shirts, 2 long sleeved tops, shorts, cropped trousers, a couple of skirts, a couple of dresses and four pairs of shoes.  I hope that will be enough.  I’ve added some sachets of washing powder and softener for cleaning over there if needed.  It’s only a week isn’t it!  I had more but was worried about the weight of my case so have reduced what I’d initially put in.

Its the other stuff that I’m more worried about.  We have our Euros now, and I’ve printed the tickets for our flights.  Our passports are safe in our document wallet.  We’ve booked a trip on a glass bottomed boat (and saved 20% on the price over there) and finally decided to order a meal on the plane both ways.  With the times we’re flying it’ll be handy for both feeding Joel and entertaining him a little!  I’ve bought him a plane set with a toy plane and airport cars so hope that will be fun on the plane and the holiday.

And packing toys is a bit stressful.  We only have 20kg each (luckily Joel does as well as we’ve paid for a seat for him) and we’ve packed a big car, some jigsaws, colouring, books, bucket, spade and beach toys and he’ll have his Violet dog in hand luggage and some new bits and bobs I’ve wrapped up in paper so he can open them and play with them.  I’ve also got him some mini chupa chup lollies for take off and landing to help the ear pressure thing.

I think I’ve thought about everything.  I hope so.  I have a folder with all print outs in to keep to hand.  We’ve hired a car for the week and Steve and I are stressing about driving on the other side of the road, but the directions to the apartment are simple enough to follow I think!!

I’m sure once we get there we can relax and find the beach.  I have a new Sharon Penman novel on my Kindle so hope I get chance to read it!  Steve is stressing about wi-fi but I’ve researched it and most restaurants have it so I’ve said we can sit and have long lunches whilst Joel naps or plays and he can check his work emails every day.  Ironically he’s suddenly got crazy busy and this holiday is sort of at a bad time what with house moves and everything, but we really want a week away together so I guess it can only be good for us.

I need to find a small bag to take away as I don’t want to take my big handbags and maybe a smaller purse just for money.  I’ve had my phone switched to abroad.  I need to pop to the pound shop to see if they have any plug adapters.  We always buy them and then can’t find them when we need them.

Anyway, I think we’re nearly there now.  It’s a good job I enjoy packing and sorting this sort of thing.  The hubby wouldn’t manage it!!


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