May Day Bank Holiday

I was determined to have a nice day out, and make it something different to regular days of the week.  After all, a Bank Holiday is special and should be treated as such.  We don’t have a lot of money going spare at the moment due to house purchases going through, and potentially having two mortgages running alongside each other pending finding a renter.

So a free day out it would be, and what better than a picnic somewhere scenic?!  We settled on   a nice area in Cannock Chase called Seven Springs.  There is a pool and stream for splashing in, and a big open space by a little car park.  We set off at 11am having made sandwiches, (egg mayonnaise, tuna and pepper and jam and banana), added some sausage rolls, a bag of crisps, some apples and a bottle of squash.  We took our deckchairs, a picnic rug, our picnic was in a nice picnic bag which was a wedding present, and a ball for Joel to kick about.

We weren’t the only ones with the idea of a picnic there either.  The car park was heaving on our arrival.  We drove up seeing nothing but cars but lo an behold, there was one space at the top which had obviously not long been vacated so we took it!

Izzy was very excited and Joel was too, he kept saying ‘nic-nic’ and wondering what it all meant.


I love this photo above!

We found a nice space, laid out the blanket and chairs and let Izzy chase her tennis ball until she got tired out and Joel kicked his ball with us and ran about in the sunshine until we all got hungry.  Picnic time!  We sat in our chairs (Joel loves having his own deck chair)


There were a few other families sat around in their own spaces too.  Most people park there to then go for a big walk, or go cycling.  We just kicked a ball with Joel



Izzy loves being out of doors with us.  Here she is all content in the sunshine after running about all morning!


Joel and his egg.  He’s gone off egg sandwiches but likes a plain egg!  Although Jam sandwiches are ok:



We didn’t like paddling without shoes on, too brrrr Mummy, so we went back up to play ball some more:


Then it was getting very late for lunchtime naps, and there was no way it would happen in the outdoors!  We’d been out for over two hours, eaten and had fun, so we thought we’d head home again.  Joel went to bed for a sleep, Daddy stayed indoors watching tv shows on his laptop, and I got my sun lounger out of the shed, reclined with a big sunhat on and read some more of my current novel ‘The Sunne In Splendour’ by Sharon Penman, all about the Plantagenants and War of the Roses.  So interesting, I’ve nearly finished (it’s something of a tome) and I will need a new book to read one on our hols next week.

Once Little Dude was awake we played in the garden with his water table, learning to use his scooter, and eating ice-lollies.

Then my parents came over for dinner, and I’d put a leg of lamb in the oven earlier, (Steve got half a lamb to freeze a couple of months ago and we’re still working our way through it all!) added some new potatoes, asparagus, green beans and gravy, with a Christmas pudding for dessert!!  It was a lovely meal, topped off with the bottle of wine we were given at the hotel in Kent which we’d saved.

So we had a wonderful bank holiday on a budget and it was a lovely day as well.

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