Chest Worries

I’m worrying again about Joel’s health.

He’s been having his inhalers regularly as per doctor’s orders, but it doesn’t seem to be making much difference.  He seems to be fine for a little while after he’s had steroid tablets, but it soon builds up and he develops a terrible wheeze.  Last weekend he developed a runny nose which was clear, but this week he’s got nasty thick green snot and a wheeze on his chest again.  He has been tired this morning and felt hot and clammy.  He went for a nap earlier than normal with a dose of calpol and he’s going to the doctors again this afternoon.   

He came down with his terrible chest resulting in a stay in hospital so very quickly I would hate for it to happen again.  And it was similar to last time when he got a cold and his nose got nastier and nastier.

And at the back of my mind is that there must be a bigger issue.  And we’re going to ask for him to be allergy tested as we’re worrying that he’s actually getting ill from our dog living with us.

If it is the case that he’s allergic to her and she’s causing his breathing issues we’d have no option but to rehome her, and that’s a bit devastating as she’s part of our family and has been with us for three years.  Luckily, Steve’s mum would (we think) be prepared to have her so we would be able to still see her monthly.

Anyway, that’s something that’s preying on our minds but we’ll see what the Dr says this afternoon.


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