This Little Piggy

On Monday, Joel was playing in his toybox upstairs in his bedroom.

He started going through all his soft toys and pulled out a toy guinea-pig which a friend had bought me ages ago and suddenly, he was in love.  He sat it on his knee and stroked it, calling it piggy.


What is sad, is that over Easter, the last of my three guinea-pigs died.  She was 6 years old, and had good innings, and Joel had loved her as well.

What is funny, is that Joel is suddenly very attached to this toy.  I wonder if he thinks its real. It’s a good it is a toy.  It’s had to put up with a lot this past couple of days.  When we went to clean teeth before going out, Piggy had it’s mouth brushed too.  He has tried feeding it shepherds pie, and he came running into get me to see what he’d done, when I went with him ‘Mama, mama, here!!’ he’d put Piggy in Izzy’s bed and covered it up with noonie!  Poor Izzy was looking a bit bereft.


When we went out with Joel in his buggy, Piggy was cuddled to him the whole while.  Poor noonie was not even needed!  When he went down for his nap, and at bedtime, Piggy had to sit on his pillow next to him.


It’s funny how quickly he’s decided this is a toy he wants to keep and suddenly loves to bits!  I hope he’s as affectionate to the new baby.  But we’ve decided that we’ll get more guinea-pigs once we’ve moved house and it’s warmer outside.  It’s good for children to grow up with animals to learn to love them and be kind to them.  And not treat them like a toy guinea pig!


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