And The Dr Said…..

It was worth going back to see the doctor yesterday.  I feel I’ve seen far more of the doctors this winter than ever before and there’s hardly been a week when I’ve not had to take myself or Joel.

But I was glad I went.  My sinis infection has cleared up, but it’s left my upper head very mucky.  And my deaf ear isn’t another infection, it’s glue ear.  Something the dr told me is quite common in toddlers!!  Great.  I get kiddie illnesses now too.

And my chest is very wheezy due to my asthma and I’ve had to go onto proper steroid inhalers.  My little blue puffers aren’t cutting the mustard anymore.  I blame the cold weather.  My asthma isn’t something that affects me during warmer months at all, and since I only developed it after getting a serious chest infection in my twenties, I have to say I don’t really count it as proper asthma.  Maybe I should.

It’s why I get so many chest infections, sinus things, respiratory things.

So anyway, I’m not on steroid nose sprays to try and clear the glue ear and my sinuses of muck, and steroid inhalers to help the horrid crackling I get when breathing which induces days of dry coughing.

Joel seems back to normal as well now which is good.  We’re on the same inhalers, but mine is a stronger dose.  Oh, and I have a ventilation tube for it as well now so we can sit and puff our steroids together!!

I am so fed up of this cold weather now it’s ridiculous.  A bit of warm sunshine would just help me out such a lot at the moment!


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