Midnight Feast

Well, it’s 5am and Joel woke up at 4.30 and was chatty and happy!

I decided to take him downstairs and we put cloud babies on and he ate a little bit of toast, three strawberries and a couple of bites of banana.  It’s a start to getting him back to normal I guess.

It’s just nice to see him looking more like himself again, even if it is crazy early.

Ironically, Steve went to sleep next to him in the spare bed in order to ‘take care of him if he awoke’ (and because I’m so bunged in my head I was wheezing and whistling and apparently making a massive amount of noise!) but even at that close proximity  he doesn’t wake.  And it’s up to me to look after him when he calls ‘Mama’ in his cute little voice.  I have got ever so run down this week.  And after the bladder infection I had two weeks ago, the antibiotics seemed to give me a bit of thrush (lovely I know) and now I have a streaming cold and temperature but I’m taking as much paracetamol as I’m allowed.  I don’t feel so terrible right now.  I’ll have to go back to bed later, but Steve has said he’ll take Joel out for a walk and fresh air to give me a break today.

Yesterday Joel was pretty floppy again, and only ate a few cheerios for breakfast, and a strawberry and an egg for tea.  he flopped about most of the day but had a nice little play once Steve got home.  We took a little stroll with Joel in his buggy to the local shops to buy treats to tempt him with, chocolate cornflake cakes, tinned ravioli, you know, all the good stuff!!  I’m just trying to offer him all the things he normally loves to see if he will try and eat a bit more.

And he was doing so well with his words, but with being so poorly, he’s given up on talking for the time being.  When he wants something, as his thumb is in his mouth permanently, he sort of makes a grasping movement with his fingers, and points and says ‘uh’ in the general direction of what it is he wants.  It’s really hard to know what he’s asking for and he’s been getting frustrated as we don’t know what he’s after.    The sooner he’s better, the better!!

Right, time for me to nibble on a chocolate cornflake cake.  Can you tell I’ve sort of forgotten about dieting these past two weeks?!


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