I’m Baaack!

it’s 2am and Joel is up, dosed up with Calpol, but not wanting to go back to bed.

So we’re watching Cloud Babies on catch up tv.

Like my Dad says, we can at least put kids telly on rather than the Bruce Willis film that is on BBC1 at the moment!  I suppose we also have DVDs if it was too dire.  He seems to be enjoying it though and its calming him down after his crying half an hour ago when I tried to resettle him.

He was hot when he woke, so he had his calpol, then he cried and told me ‘no, no’ whilst touching his nose.  I realised he was trying to tell me his nose was bunged up.  Next thing I knew, gross snot shot out of his nostrils!!  He must have been ‘blowing’ and we cleaned him up and by then he was awake and determined to come downstairs.  Normally I wouldn’t, but he’s had a funny day of it today so here we are….


Plus my tummy thinks it’s morning so I want cereal now :/


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