House Progress

After nearly being gazummped on Wednesday we’ve since met our mortgage broker (one of Steve’s networking folk) and she’s sorted us a mortgage which isn’t too expensive.  We’ve both been surprised by the monthly repayments as they’r far more affordable than we’d expected!  So that form has gone off, and with it being the company who’d offered us a mortgage in principle things should go smoothly there.  And the sold sign is up and on rightmove!


We’ve had our solicitor’s contracts through so I’m taking those in myself today with our passports as ID.  And let the searches begin!!

Steve is now talking about the 1st May as a potential move in date.  Typical.  We go on holiday on the 13th!  Maybe that’s a good thing.  It’ll be nice to have a stress free week once everything has gone through I guess.  I probably won’t want to go as I’ll want to be getting on with decorating but we’ll see!

My sisters have half term at the end of May so they’ve said they’ll come for a weekend to help and we can put the boys to work in the garden.

Excited is not the word!….


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