Burning, burning TMI…..

With all the TTC efforts of recent months, I’ve not been peeing after sex as soon as I should.  And the result this month is a bit of cystitis.  And I’m so uncomfortable right now.  It began this morning and by this afternoon it was a case of needing to go twice and hour and having the nasty achy, hollow feeling at the end of every pee.  I’m just glad I’m in the two week wait and haven’t got to do it again this month at the moment!!!

I’ve been to a pharmacy and have got the sodium crystals and two huge bottles of cranberry juice.  I hate cranberry juice.  I just want this feeling to disappear.  I very much doubt I’ll sleep at all tonight, and won’t likely be in work tomorrow either.  I can’t spend a day on the work toilets.

I’ve not had this for a while now, the last time was a visit to Coventry to see my high school friend.  With Steve, so must have been about 4 years ago.  I remember driving down the M6 having to stop every 30 minutes and feeling that making the journey was probably a mistake!

Wretched bladder and scary wikipedia descriptions.


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