I’ve just remembered why I hate house buying.

We nearly got gazzumped today.

The estate agent rang to say that a higher offer had been made but the vendor had decided to stick with us.

Thank goodness!  I’d be devastated if that happened at this point.  I’ve been so very happy since Friday.

I’ve been very keen to emphasise that we’re a nice young family, and we want to love the house, do it up and make it a family home for years to come.  I think that can make a difference in peoples minds.  The other offer has come from an investor who wants to make it a student house.  Booo.  Hisss.

Anyway, we’ve got a solicitors in place, we’re meeting the mortgage advisor on Thursday and I’m taking our documents to town on friday myself.  With working part time, I’ve said I’ll do the running to ensure that things are done as fast as possible and I’m not trusting the post system.

So, best foot forwards and lets hope it’s plain sailing and as fast as possible!  🙂


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