Musings on Life in 2 months….

Steve’s parents came up for a visit this weekend and with our exciting house news, rather than go to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham which was the previous plan, we made a second viewing booking to show them our (if all goes well) new home.

It was a lovely and sunny day and we went to a farmers market in the morning, with a quick visit to the Emma Bridgewater factory to get a wedding present for Steve’s Aunt (she’s getting married again on Good Friday!)

Then at 2pm we all headed over to the new house to have a better look.

It wasn’t as bad inside as I remembered. Don’t get me wrong, every room is still an eyesore, but this time, it was a cleaner eyesore! The owner had been in since we went on Thursday and removed a lot of the stuff that was there and tidied round. Plus the sunshine helped it look better as well.

new house 22

The front is lovely and just needs a new front door in the first instance, but we’ll look at redoing the drive to fit two cars eventually.

new house 10

The back garden is a wilderness but a nice size.  We plan to do it all up, turf it over but put a little fence down to keep Izzy off the good lawn as that will be where Joel will have a slide and swing.  We could even get a little tree house for him to play in!!  There’s a patio area for his ride on toys and a decent shed for storage.

new house 8

Here’s the view from the back.  The back door goes into a little utility area, and there is a small conservatory on the dining room.  Our initial thoughts are to extend across the back of the house, keeping the front lounge as a separate room, but having a large kitchen/dining/living area.  That way, we can have a sofa bed in the front room and use it as a guest room, non play room.  Toys and chaos would be kept to the back!!  Plus, I could have my piano in there someday.

new house 3

What was it with 1940’s kitchens and being so impartially tiny.  What you see is what you get, and the oven would on the right behind the angled shelf.  You can just about spin a cat but no such luck with Izzy.

new house 1

And here is the lovely fireplace in the front lounge.  Joel enjoyed climbing all over it.  But it has to go.  Along with the polystyrene ceiling tiles, bumpy wallpaper and the (admittedly quality) carpet.  Adios.


Tomorrow Steve will be contacting the solicitors to commence searches. The sold sign is due to be put on the for sale sign outside the house and I will spend the time until we exchange contacts worrying about being gazummped. If it all goes ok, and we are able to move sometime in May we will put up with it and just do a room at a time so it’s more neutral.  Then save and save for the extension.  Then put more effort into the decorating.

It brings to mind a favourite bible verse.

Do not be anxious about anything.  But in everything, with prayer and petition and thanksgiving present your request to God – Phillipians 4:  6.

We’ve waited so long and prayed about it so much and it is happening at what is the right time for us.  It’s all coming together.


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