Work Worry

It’s been a nice few days away from work.

Although last night I couldn’t sleep. And Joel did. All night till 7am which is brilliant. I however, worried about work which was silly as I ended up being fine today. It’s just a busy time of work and I was stressing things would be bad. But they’re fine and I’m wishing I’d not woken at 1, 2.30 and 5.30 and got up at 6.30.

On Friday I lost another 1lb. Seriously, I must be the slowest dieter in the world ever. I’m anticipating a gain this week though. I’ve eaten a ruck of pancakes in preperation for Shrove Tuesday. I like mine with lemon and sugar, or orange and sugar. I tried a nutella one, but it was too sweet. I sometimes like syrup. Steve likes maple syrup and lemon together. Strange boy.

Saturday we lazed about until I was climbing the walls and we went for lunch at the Darlaston Inn in Stone where Joel played afterwards in the Wacky Warehouse. He loves it and there was only one other girl in the under 5 section and her mum was in there with her too so I wasn’t too anxious. There was an episode of two older kids standing and chucking balls about outside of the nets, but after a swift telling off from me, they retreated back to the boistrous older kids area and left the toddlers in peace.

Sunday we went to church and it was a nice morning. My aunt and uncle were visiting from Blackpool and Joel taught Uncle Peter how to use an Ipad. He was so entertaining and they enjoyed his company. I did skip choir as mum had done a nice lunch and I didn’t want to rush about. It’s bad though as I’ll have to miss this coming Sunday due to a Devon visit for the in-laws.

And yesterday we had to run to town in a mad panic as I remembered at ten past nine, Joel had a doctor appointment at nine twenty five! We just about made it, then had to dash back to toddler group for 10am.

Joel had a nice toddle and play. He made a pancake face, then realised it was all sweet and tasty and would not get down from the table until it was all eaten. After a while I could tell he was struggling. He was like the little monkey caught by greed who can’t work out to let the goodies go to save his hand from the jar.

So I had to step in and hide the remainder of his pancake, to which he expressed his disappointment (‘waaah’) but he was soon distracted and I popped it in the bin. He didn’t need any more sugar thank you very much!!

In the afternoon we took a walk along the river to Sainsburys. It was rather a silly decision, considering the river was flooded, but we made it with a few walks through puddles! We got there and bought a loaf of bread, then walked back again (by this time the cold was biting) and fed all the ducks we saw along the way. Joel shouted ‘Duck’ for every bird but held onto his piece of bread to eat himself!

I went to look at boys clothes and got Joel a t-shirt, and then saw some Peppa Pig pyjamas with George on. Joel was so excited and shouted ‘George, george’ so I got them for one of his birthday presents. I’ve not head him say ‘George’ before!

There were a number of swans on the river as well, which came out of the water and looked menacingly at Joel’s bread, so we kept moving. My mission was to get the moor hens some bread before the greedy ducks and swans got it all.

And in the evening I went to a church ladies meal at a chinese buffet restaurant. Not good for the diet, but I restrained from the deep fat fried nibbly starters, and stuck to grilled meat from the seperate menu, and some boiled rice and steamed chicken and vegetables. Then I blew it all with a bowl of chocolate sauce from teh fountain. Oh well. I could have been worse.

Lets see how many pancakes I can eat tonight. I think 4!!!


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