Friday Feeling

I’m so glad its Friday.

Mainly because Joel has been getting up within the hour of 5am every day this week. I’ve been trying to get to bed by 10pm to compensate, but I’d love to just be able to sleep in till past 7, or even 8 at a push!! I’ll get a lie in tomorrow and Steve will get up with him. I’ve been insisting on a Saturday morning lie in for a while and I look forward to it.

It’s been a nice week. Work has been busy but that made the days go quickly. Joel has been fun to play with of an evening, although getting him up and out in the morning is getting more stressful!

I try to put his coat on him and he flops down like cooked spaghetti and shouts ‘no mama, no mama’. Once he’s in the buggy it’s fine. Noonie and thumb go in and he’s happy for the walk to nursery or my parents. In the evening, we’ve been going up to bed and he’s had a bit of play time in his room. We don’t have the space for all his toys downstairs anymore, so it’s nice for him to have some variety upstairs. Last night, we spent an hour playing with his wooden ark set. We stood the animals in line and knocked them down like dominoes. We picked out the pairs of animals and he could identify the elephant, giraffe, bear but struggled with the rhino!! He also likes making Mr and Mrs Noah interact.

He then didn’t go to sleep till 8pm. He went in his cot at 7.40 but played with Violet his Puppy Pal and a book till gone 8.

I’m starting to wonder whether he needs to lose his lunch time nap. I love his nap time! It’s a bit of peace in a busy day for me, and some days I need a nap to. (I think today will be one of them). but if he’s waking up earlier and going to sleep later I guess it’s something to consider.

We’ve not got a lot of plans this weekend. I know Steve wants to take him to a Wacky Warehouse, but I worry about other kids being too rough as Joel isn’t used to rough play. We’ll see. The main thing is that I get my lie in tomorrow!


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