Joel’s First Cooking

This morning Daddy had taken Joel downstairs whilst I finished getting ready (having got Joel up and dressed him first). Normally Steve is in bed until I go to work so I have to sort us both out whilst he dozes. And yes, it’s annoying.

I went down and couldn’t see Joel. The stairgate blocking the kitchen was open as was the bathroom door with the light on. I assumed Steve was in there.

Nope, he was out the front, packing the car with his film stuff. I took Joel and shut the gate, and the door (to keep the heat in) and told Steve Joel should not be wandering around the kitchen unattended.

Steve headed off and I got Joel in his coat and buggy for the walk to my parents. I popped back into the kitchen to take my antibiotic when I smelt burning.

Joel had turned the electric hobs on by turning the dials, and an empty saucepan was beginning to smoke. I turned them all off and opened the back door to try and get rid of the smoke.

I rang Steve all angry to say what had happened. His response? ‘Thanks for updating me with that funny Joel moment. Isn’t he cheeky’. I’m still waiting for him to realise the severity of what could have happened had I not gone back to check.


One thought on “Joel’s First Cooking

  1. How annoying! Ant used to do that whole staying in bed thing while I got us both ready for work/nursery and it used to really aggravate me. Especially when he would lie there making pathetic tired noises while I got dressed and playing dead when Jacob came in to say hello. Now he has to get up and help because I have to be at work for 7.30am. I wonder how single dads get on? They must have to either grow up/wise up quick or else the poor kids must live the life of a stuntman.


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