Winter Wonderland….

It’s lovely that Joel has experienced the snow.  I did think he wouldn’t this winter at all!  He seems to like wandering about in it but not touching it (and who can blame him as its really cold!) and he’s enjoyed he little sledge we bought him.  His all in one padded suit is getting lots of wear too…


On Saturday we went up to the Uni in the morning as it was all lovely fresh snow and gentle hills. Steve tried diving down the hills, and running about with Joel in the sledge, but he took a corner too sharply and Joel toppled out, face first in the snow. He did not like it. It was cold and he cried and wouldn’t go in the sledge again. So we walked round and about, down to the Tech park so Steve could go down steeper hills, and walked back again.




And we even made a snow lump (I can’t call it a snowman as it’s too little)…


We went to toddler group yesterday morning and it had been said on the Facebook group to take your sledge, so rather than walk or wrestle with the buggy, he sat on the sledge, held his nappy bag and was dragged there instead! It’s not far, and he seemed to enjoy it! Mummy goes slower and Joel likes it!!

And now I’m back at work in line for a hectic week. Mondays are like my Sunday nights where I feel blue about going into the office. It’s not too bad when I’m here, but yesterday afternoon me and Joel had fun getting all his toys out.

We played trains and built a Brio train track. We aquadoodled. We coloured in a picture book. We raced cars. We jumped on sofa cushions put on the floor. We did puzzles (although I think he find them too easy now so have bought some more difficult ones for him). And then we had tea and a bath before Daddy came home which was an extra long and splashy one.

I felt like a great old fashioned housewife as well, as you know I mentioned my old Mamas and Papas Rubix buggy had got mildewy? Well, my Dettol mildew remover arrived and I set to work during Joel’s nap. I sprayed, and soaked, then rinsed in the machine and most of it came out but for two spots. So I repeated the process, and rinsed again in the machine and bingo….. good as new! I’m so chuffed. Once dry, I’ll keep the fabric bits indoors and won’t risk the shed ever again. I’ve learnt my lesson.

I also washed the inside of the washing machine (with a cleaning product thing) and made a chicken curry in my slow cooker. The slow cooker is booked for lots of use this week. Tonight I’ll be getting home to beef and ale casserole, tomorrow will be sausage and bean casserole and Thursday will be chicken in red wine sauce. So easy, and quick and all counts to help towards weight loss.

I lost another 1/2 lb last week. It’s not much, I don’t seem able to go more than 1lb a week, but if I can get my club 10 by Easter (have lost 10% of my body weight) I’ll be pleased. It’s a very slow process.  Because I have to eat!  I can’t do small portions as it’s cold and I’m hungry!

Oh, and the other news is that Joel didn’t have a chest infection at all.  We went back to the Dr’s on Friday as the antibiotics didn’t seem to have touched his wheeze, and were told it could be an asthma instead.  So he had steroids all weekend and had to go back Monday to see the same doctor again.  And there was a vast improevment.  So he’s now got a steroid inhaler just like Mummy.  My chest has been wheezing more and I’ve developed a hacking cough too, so I’ve had to have one as well.  If I can avoid bronchitis again I’d be pleased.  I can’t be signed off at the moment from work, it’s too busy.  And they’re short staffed as it is.

But I am glad to be doing three days only.  Part time is lovely.

I wonder if the snow will be here on Friday still.  Jingle bells, jingle bells……


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