Work Schmerk

Joel is so much fun at the moment. His words are coming on a lot and he’s amazing me at the moment.

He’s really starting to use words without being prompted. This morning, he had some grapes in a bowl to keep him going till breakfast at Grandma and Grandad’s. I went to the bathroom, came back to be confronted by an empty bowl and Joel saying ‘more’!! ‘More grapes?’ I queried. ‘Yes’ he replied. ‘Yes please’, I prompted. ‘Deees’ he said.

So cute.

We had a relatively nice day yesterday. His chest was sounding awful again. He was coughing all night and wheezing as he breathed. He’s been having his inhaler and antibiotics, and I really thought something would have started to get better by now but maybe not. I shall be back at the doctors on Friday if not.

We made it to toddler group and it was lovely and quiet. He played very nicely with some little girls and shared the buggys with babys. He got tired and wanted to leave after over an hour, so we went home and he went straight to bed and slept for two hours.

He was happy once he awoke, so we had a little jaunt to asda to take some bits back and buy Daddy some new shoes (his old ones had holes in and he’d been wearing them?!?!) then on getting home again I put a bed sheet down, sat him on it with some egg cups, baking trays and a tub of lentils. We had lots of fun scooping and poring the lentils into fairy cake trays, paper cases using hands and egg cups. It kept him entertained for about 40 minutes. Then he decided flinging lentils around was far more entertaining!!! It wasn’t too damaging though and normality was restored pretty soon.

I do miss him a lot when I’m at work and I look forward to the end of the day when I can collect him again. Work does get in the way!! He coughed a lot last night as well so I’ve not slept well. It’s been about 6 nights of disturbed sleep this week so far. Saturday night was awful, and Joel got up around 5 so Steve took him downstairs and put the Peppa Pig on the DVD to run while he dozed on the sofa. For a child who’d coughed all night and got up so early, he was crazy hyper until 10am when he fell asleep on my Mum and then was zonked all through church! It was helpful as I was leading worship and a grumpy toddler becuase he can’t get on stage is distracting. We had a great morning and it was nice to catch up with some old friends visiting, we had lunch there and relaxed through the afternoon.

I guess if I weren’t at work for these three days, I might struggle to enjoy the time with Joel more. I definatly feel that the time we have is quality time and he’s got such a lovely little personality emerging.


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