Dr’s Again…

For Joel this time, not me. He’d been coughing, and for the third night he developed a temperature which wouldn’t go away. We alternated Calpol with Iburprofen but to no avail so off to the Dr’s we went to be told it was another chest infection. So he’s got more antibiotics, and considering he’s ill with a temperature of around 39, he’s been ever so good and happy regardless! He’s just not eaten much at all for the past couple of days.

I picked up a Peppa Pig DVD in Asda as a treat for him. He loves it. We’re getting a lot of ‘Pep-Pah’, Pep-Pah, MORE”!!! (He’s learnt ‘more’ now)! I also took him to the barbers for a trim as his hair was getting bulky and long. He sat on my knee and the barber was ever so good with him. He sat still pretty much the whole time. We also went to Clarks for a foot measure but he doesn’t need bigger shoes yet. Thank goodness!

Other than the new infection we had a nice day. Steve worked from home for the morning and stayed with Joel, so I got to go to slimming world and stay for the group (all a bit cheesy but I’m trying to take it seriously) and I lost 1lb which puts me back on track from the 1lb gain over New Year. I’m aiming for a 2lb loss next week so must remember to add up the syns. I was pleased with a loss though as I’d eaten well all week, and on Thursday night when most people starve themselves in preparation for weigh in, I cooked chicken, lemon and garlic casserole with rice and veggies which was really tasty and easy, and I was all full up afterwards! I like a diet that lets me eat, but can’t see how I’m losing weight on it! Magic!

My other dilema is that I went to the shed to get Joel’s old buggy out as the stroller was in the car and I thought it’d be nice to chat to him with him facing me. I got it out and realised it had spots of mildew on it 😦 I was gutted. It’s obviously got a bit damp being in the bed over Christmas so I’ve hauled it in, scrubbed and scrubbed at the mildew spots with cleaning spray and put it on a mild rinse in the machine to no avail.

Having googled it, there’s a Dettol mould and mildew remover spray which is for bathrooms, but others have used to great success on their buggies (there’s a lot of posts with a lot of buggies in the same condition after the winter!) so I trawled around town looking for this particular spray to no avail. I’ve found some on Ebay and bought it this morning, so on Friday, my mission will be to save the buggy. I hope I can, else my parents will be cross as they bought it for us. If not, I’ll have to try and find replacement bits from Mamas and Papas or something drastic. I really hope it works, and I’ll never leave prams in the shed over winter again. Poor pram.


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