The Official Santa Visit……

Well. I have only two days left of work this week as I’m off on Thursday to pack our suitcases and go out for my office Christmas lunch! Thank you flexible working!! I love you.

So that is exciting. We’re heading down to Exeter for a few days to see Steve’s family and driving back on Christmas Eve (I’m hoping the traffic is kind to us!) in time for carols by Candlelight at Church.

On Friday, after hearing him cough a lot we booked in at the doctors and I was glad I did, as he had a chest infection, so had antibiotics and another inhaler. We had a nice morning on Friday, with some mooching, playing, and Steve and I went for a lunch do, leaving Joel at my parents!! (Oh, and we also went to weigh in and I’d lost 1 1/2 lbs so still not a lot!)

We had a lovely weekend with a visit to the Shugborough Christmas Fayre on Saturday. I have to admit feeling a little disappointed. I was expecting more! The website talked about a walk int he gardens which was nice (and they couldn’t help the rain!), a live nativity scene (two very dodgy dummies, a doll and two smelly sheep!!) show showers (a snow machine blowing out shaving foam), craft activities (balloon man wasn’t there when we went and Joel didn’t want to make a card), and a visit to the Big Man himself (queued for an hour getting hotter and trying to keep Joel happy).

So it wasn’t quite the picture perfect moment I’d hoped for, but that’s life! Joel enjoyed bits of it, and was too hot and bothered to be happy with meeting Santa, especially as Steve filmed it on his iphone (rather than getting a photo grr) and he wanted the phone and screamed when he saw it. He waved bye bye quite happily though and said thankyou for his present.

So we went home for Sausage and mash tea, which he ate all up! Including potato! I don’t know what we did any different to normal, and were trying to not be over excited and make a scene, but he ate potato!!! I was so happy! And two sausages!! He was hungry!

And I can’t wait for Christmas! I’ve got him a little Charley Bear toy to go in his stocking, and it’s all ready to put together. He’s had a few presents from various Santa’s he’s met and he’s wanted to open them, so he knows what he’s doing.

We’re stopping at my parents now for Christmas lunch which will be nice. Not that going to my sisters wouldn’t have been nice, but it’s less driving for us! And I shall have a glass (or two) of wine with lunch.

And it’ll soon be a new year, so lets see what it brings!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a joyful and festive time, wherever you are, and however you celebrate! 🙂

I realise this sounds as though I’m done posting for Christmas, but I’m sure I’ll get on at some point. It’s still hard being laptopless, (hint hint Santa!!)


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