I was meant to go to weigh in on Friday.  I mean, I fully intended to this week, despite the curry night last week, and the party food on the Saturday, I’d eaten well at lunchtimes so although I didn’t anticipate a loss, I was gearing up to go.

Until that is during breakfast Joel made his poopy strain noise, so I said ‘shall we change your nappy’ and rather than ‘no’ and head shaking, he agreed!  So upstairs we went where I found his nappy to be full of very runny poop.

And he hadn’t finished!  As I went in with a wipe, more came out.  And more.  It was almost funny except it was quite gross.  Every time I thought he’d finished, I’d swiftly pop a fresh nappy underneath and that would be full pretty fast.  We got through 4 nappies in what felt to be as many seconds.  

He wasn’t sure what was going on.  We’ve not had an explosion like it since last Easter, when we were away in Kent and he interrupted our Easter Sunday roast lamb!!

So there I was, up to my elbows in poop and nappies, so felt I couldn’t take him out of the house, and we lazed in our pyjamas till lunch time before going out for a little walk to get some fresh air.  And he had another little explosion later on, but that was it.  The worst was over.

Poor thing has had one thing after another and today it’s a cough to end all coughs.  We’re all tired from no sleep due to his cough.  He just can’t stop.  And there’s not a lot we can do, besides hot drinks and cuddles.

I hope he’s better soon from all these various ailments. 


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