Cycle 11

So I’m a bit gutted this evening and Steve has gone out to get me wine and chocolates. No BFP for me this month.

But, I shall treat myself to a couple of cocktails at our office Christmas lunch and begin with some extra supplements this month. I have evening primrose oil which is meant to be good, and I may get back on the grapefruit juice again.

And I’ve got my OPK’s to make sure we know when things are happening and I just never thought it would take over 11 months to make a baby and it’s getting harder to put a positive spin on things.

I shall feel blue for the evening then try to be happier by tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Cycle 11

  1. what’s BFP? Sorry no joy for you this month but, as you say, cocktails and also allows for mulled wine over the festive period! Then hopefully good news in 2013! I didn’t know grapefruit juice was good for people looking to conceive, I’ve been drinking it as it’s meant to help with weightloss!x


    • BFP is forum lingo for big fat positive!! The ins and outs of the benefits of grapefruit juice are probably a bit gross to report really!! Although there is something medical and tablets to be wary of. Although whether supplements count as tablets I’m not sure.


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