Last night we went to bed, and slept very well, right through till 5.11am. Which is far too early to be woken by howling.

Even Steve woke up which is amazing in itself. And he got up and went to Joel, who then cried ‘muh-ma, muh-uh-uh-uhma’, until Steve brought him through to me and we put him between us in the bed. Joel wasn’t happy about it, and clambered on top of me, flung himself down, and promplty seemed to fall asleep.

Well, I couldn’t sleep like that. Lying on my back made my breathing wheezy, the weight of him was uncomfortable and I had to hold him in place!

So I tentatively tried to move him back to his cot. His breathing was deep and even so I presumed him to be fast asleep again, but once I got to his cot, I glanced down to see his eyes firmly fastened on mine as if to say ‘What do you think you’re doing’ and he began to howl again.

So into the spare bed we went and cuddled, and he had to be in my arms to be settled and we managed to doze off about 6.45!! So I had another half an hour doze before dragging myself out of bed, and taking a dozing Joel back to our bed to leave him in Steve’s arms so I could go and shower to wake myself up a bit.

Sleeping boys.

Sleeping boys.

It’s not been a good morning. And Joel has his first dental appointment in an hour. That will be fun with a tired, grumpy baby!



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