Cheeky Little Dude

Last night I was sitting on the sofa next to Joel.  He put the Ipad down, and I picked it up.  He was not pleased about this, and made his frustrated noise, stood up next to me, and hit me on the head, whilst saying a loud ‘bap’ noise (which always accompanies his hits). 

I gave him my shocked ‘oh no you didn’t face’ and said, ‘Joel’ in a stern tone.

His response, instant contrition, crawling onto my lap to give me a ‘sorry hug’ and I couldn’t help laughing as I said ‘Joel, it is still naughty to hit even if you say sorry straight after.  You should just not hit at all’.

But I still enjoyed the little extra cuddle I got.

He is one cheeky chappy!!  Which cheers me immensley, especially when I’m feeling despondent about creating a sibling for him! 

I’m currently symptom spotting like mad, are my breasts feeling tender?  Have I a pulling pain in one side?  Am I nauseous at all?

Answer, not really but possibly to all the above.  More and more facebook friends are announcing pregnancies at the moment.  Scan pictures are popping up relentlessly.  My cousin has decked out a nursery before she’s even 20 weeks!

It’s hard, it really is, and I feel like a right bah humbug about it all.  And whilst I’m genuinely happy for all those, I’m still a bit ‘waaaah, why me’ about it too.

I even broke my own will, and tested early this morning.  I had a lovely dream last night that I had a positive test.   I just remember feeling an intense happiness that I was pregnant.  Shame it was just a dream, as the reality was I got a negative again.  Maybe I won’t get a baby for a Christmas present after all.  Which makes me extremley glad for the little dude in my lift already.  Who cheers me up daily!


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