This is Joel’s favourite new word.  He says it as he hits us, as though it adds extra hittiness.  Saying that, the hitting levels have dropped a little, and he is starting to look a bit abashed when he does it.    He really doesn’t like not getting his own way at all.  And if we take something away, or say no, we get a ‘bop’.

He’s going into nursery so beautifully at the moment and the staff have commented on it, and put a sticker on the wall for him!  There is a note there saying ‘this morning Joel had his coat off, took off his shoes and put them in the pot, walked back into the baby room, waved goodbye to Mummy and blew her a kiss before sitting himself down for breakfast’!!!

And in the evening on collection, I can tell him to get his slippers or shoes and he brings them back to me to be put on.  Now, that is good, and I’m proud of him!!

His words are coming on.  He says a very nice ‘yes please’ when offered more of something he likes, like egg, or cheerios!!  Other than that, we still get Muh-Ma, and ‘Zeeeee’ (for Izzy) and what is funny is ‘Teve’ for Steve, although when he looks at photos he calls him Dada now.  But if he calls him from a distance, it’s ‘Teve’ every time.  I guess that’s my fault.  I sometimes forget to call Steve Dada around Joel.

He’s very into his colouring and drawing at the moment.  He loves sticking things on paper if I give him a shape and a glue dot.  Books are a firm favourite as well now.  The bedtime story has become a necessity and he knows what he wants to hear.  We got some from the library and he loves one called ‘Counting Dragons’ and he likes it three times.  He’ll push the book he doesn’t want away and point to that one every evening. 

Slimming has gone well this week.  I hope.  I have a weigh in tomorrow morning so will see whether it’s done anything.  I’ve not really felt hungry so can’t really tell whether I’ve lost anything or not.  I will be surprised if I have.  I did eat a wispa yesterday!  I’m not someone to withold food from myself if I want it that badly to the point of binge eating.  I’m not even sure I quite like the group therapy session after weigh in as I’m not really someone who is that way inclined.  But I guess it’s all good in the end.  And all I want to do is lose a few remaining pounds and feel trimmer in time for Christmas.  I looked fat on our family photo last year and would like to feel pretty on this years.  But as for eating issues, I wouldn’t say I have any and am healthy in my approach to it.

And today is my last day of the week at work.  I’m starting to get into the swing of these three day weeks, and I have to say, I recommend them!! 

And that’s my news for today 🙂


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