Holiday Plans

Last year as a family of three (well, four including the dog!) we opted for a week in a tent in south Wales.  And to be fair, we were extremely lucky with the week we chose.  We had glorious sunshine pretty much every single day.  Joel loved camping, and he loved the beach and we really enjoyed it.  We cooked a few nights, and we went out one night, and had a take away another.  It was relaxed and fabulous.

But Steve has been wanting an abroad holiday for ages.  In all honesty, it worries me.  I worry about flying with Joel, foreign foods, balconies, child abduction, swimming pools…..  although part of me thinks a week abroad would be lovely.

So after much consideration, we’ve decided to go for it.  A friend took her son (when he was much younger actually) to Majorca, and Menorca, and we’ve heard great things about Menorca being very family friendly, so when a collegue at work said they had an apartment to rent in a quiet village on the south of the island, 15 minutes from the airport, we booked it. 

We’ve now booked and paid for flights so there’s no going back!  I just need to sort Joel’s passport and E111 card thingy out.  And write lists.  Many many lists will be needed.  And forums will need to be explored, and questions asked.  I’m not sure about car seats, whether we need one on the plane.  I’ll have to enquire.  And for the taxi or car at the other side.  Would I even be happy with Steve driving over there on the wrong side of the road with a gear stick for a different hand?!  I’m not sure!

But the apartment is cosy and looks lovely.  It’s in a block with a pool, and there’s a water park nearby.  We’re walking distance to the beach and there’s plenty of entertainment for a 2 year old.

So in about 6 months time, (we’re going in Mid-May) we’ll be attempting to have an abroad holiday!  And I can’t wait now! 


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