Grown Up Time

And no, that isn’t meant to sound saucy.

It’s just that I’m excited to be having people round for dinner! 

We’ve invited Chris and Liz wth Trudy for dinner, so it isn’t a baby free evening, but it’s so nice to think we’ll have grown up company for once!!

I was wondering what I could possibly make as to feed to toddlers as well it can’t be too late, so this morning I had a wrestle with four lamb shanks and got them into my slow cooker after browning, I poured over some de-glazed red wine, some chicken stock, herbs and onions and have left it to cook on high for 8 hours!

I hope it works.  Else we’ll be eating beans on toast and have wasted some decent lamb. 

We’ve got a bottle of red (remainder from cooking but decent) and a bottle of rose, and beers, and I’m making a banoffee pie for pudding.

We might get the buzz buzzers out as well!!  It should be fun!

I’ve also asked Joel’s nursery to not limit his nap, so he is able to stay up a bit longer.  Trudy has a later bed time, so it would be nice for them to play together and sit round the table with us.


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