Techno Baby…..

I’m on Steve’s I-pad today, still haven’t replaced my laptop yet. This thing is awful to type on. I’m a touch typer and using two fingers feels rather alien to me. I eonder whether I can touch type on e keyboard.  Hmm a little bit.  I miss my lap top.  Joel on the other hand, he loves the iPad.  He knows how to swipe to open it up, then turns the pages to get to his page of apps.  I’ve downloaded him lots of children’s free apps.  At the moment he loves the Fisherprice ones.  They’re also on Steve’s iPhone. He loves talking ginger the cat and he has some singing ones and story ones too.

He is a technically clever baby and can do things on the ipad that Steve wishes he could but doesn’t know how!

He does also enjoy his other toys still though and will play very nicely on his own with his mega bloks, he likes sitting on his v-tech trike, and books are a big favourite at the moment.  When we take him to bed he’ll point to his book shelf and say “burr” which we think must mean b ook, and so we read him a bed tie story.  Sometimes he’ll try to drag. It out, more with Adaddy than Mummy, and daddy has been known to read all the books! Mummy is more strict and will read no more then two before putting Joel in his cot!

With Christmas coming up he’ll be getting a whole lot of new toys so we’re going to need to make some space I guess.That’ll be difficult.  We’ve got him a 2nd hand Brio train track, In the Night Garden books, Two Wow cars,and I was looking at the Aquadoodle sets as I’ve read good reviews of them and heard good things about them.  We’ve asked family for new books to fuel his new love of them, and a toy vacuum cleaner as he loves our real one and the toy ones at toddler group!

I’m about half way rough my Christmas shopping.  Trying to be leaner this year but it’s hard when there’s so many more to buy for!  I can’t wait though.  I’m getting excited already!


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