Sleep Issues Again

It seems that Joel will have a lovely time of sleeping through brilliantly, 12 hours a time, all very peaceful, and then suddenly for what seems to be no reason, this is all very disturbed!

Last week was a good week, and we got lots of lovely (and needed) sleep.

Until Saturday night.  When Joel woke up at 3.00am and was wide awake and wanting to play.  Having tried to settle him in his nursery for an hour to no avail, I finally succumbed to taking him downstairs where I lay on the sofa and he played and played and played until 5.30 when he decided maybe he could go back to bed, and was put quite happily back in his cot and he slept till 8am.

And again on Sunday night.  This time, Steve was kicked out of bed to deal, and after all his comments about how we shouldn’t let Joel get his way and go downstairs to play, by 4.30 and three episodes of In the Night Garden on Steve’s laptop didn’t work in settling him so he ended up taking him downstairs so he could play again!!

I think Monday night wasn’t too bad, and Tuesday night was a little disturbed but he didn’t want to go to play, but Wednesday night was terrible again and Steve got up with him, took him downstairs and when I woke up horribly late at 8am (having got used to not setting an alarm and relying on Joel to wake me) both Steve and Joel were cuddled up on the sofa fast asleep.  I took advantage of this to get ready, have breakfast and make my lunch, which meant it was a rush waking Joel, getting him sorted and up to nursery in time for breakfast.  to make matters worse, he’d been lying with his head in Steve’s armpit and the back of his head was drenched in sweat and didn’t have time for a bath or hair wash.  I hurridly got a wet flannel and rubbed it round his head and hair but it really didn’t seem to make much difference and I dropped him off with an apology for the state he was in!!  And gave him a good soapy bath and hairwash before his bedtime.

Which didn’t really happen as we settled him down at 7.30, but on him crying after 20 minutes Steve got him up and he was like a little manic playing baby.  He sat by his megabloks truck and just emptied it out, started building, knocking it down and building.  He did this for an hour, before looking a bit more sleepy then got his books out.  He read ‘That’s not my Lion’ with me, and ‘That’s not my Reindeer’ with Daddy, and then decided he would go to bed.  And then he slept, with a few bits of coughing now and then, right through till 7.30am this morning.

I don’t get his sleep patterns at the moment!  Do i need to drop his midday nap?  I don’t think he’d cope very well, although the time of it seems to be getting later and later.  He’s not going down now till 12.45 and at nursery they’re letting him go past 2pm.  Hmmm.  It’s all trial and error really, but I need him to sleep through the night more regularly!!


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