And……. action!

Mum and Dad have been taking Joel on a Tuesday to a toddler group as they feel he needs more stimulation and he loves mixing with other kids.  His favourite parts seem to be the group story and song time.  They put cushions out and he’s the first there, sitting down and ready to start.

Last week he came home having learnt the actions to Wind the Bobbin up, and now he keeps doing the winding action, pulling and pointing to everything!

This week they were telling me about how he really liked Sleeping Bunnies and he lay down to sleep at the wrong time, and got up to hop at the wrong time but really enjoyed it!  Of course, he can’t really hop, he sort of squats and bounces and seems to think that his feet are leaving the floor!

He is so full of cuteness at the moment!

 And as for number two?  Well, still nothing to report.  I think my body is trying to play tricks on me at the moment as Aunt Flo is a week late this month, and having done two tests of different brands and all coming up negative, I think I’m just going to have to wait to see what happens but am fully expecting a period before too much longer.  I went late by a week in July so it’s happened before.  It’s just disappointing now.  At least I have Joel to cheer me up anyway!  He’s a little ray of sunshine 🙂


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