Joel has learnt that I’m his ‘Muh-ma’ and Steve is his ‘Da-da’!

He points at us when Steve sayss ‘who’s your Mama?’  And then he points to me, and I say ‘point to your Dada’ and he points to Steve and we clap him proudly!!

And then this morning I was awoken at 6.15am to hear ‘muh-ma!  muh-ma’! and when I went in, Joel was sitting up in his cot, playing with his soft toys just calling me that it was time to get up.  He gave me such a smile when he saw me and we had a little cuddle.

That made it worth being woken up so early!!

Other words we’re getting are ‘iggle iggle’ meaning ‘Can I watch In The Night Garden please mummy’, uglele possibly meaning Steve’s Ukelele (maybe we’re imagining that one!?) and a loud Ganda for Grandad!! 

I think if I were to say what his first word was, it would be Ganda.  He’s been shouting that for a little while now and normally when he sees his Grandad or wants Grandad’s attention!!


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