Flushing Fun

You may recall that I bought a potty for Joel to introduce the concept of peeing and pooping outside of the nappy!

So far, he’s looked at it, trodden in it and sometimes sits on it.  But backwards! 

I also bought a book to help me learn how to broach it and that has suggested things like letting him watch us go to the toilet and talk him through the process and then he can help flush the toilet.  He loves flushing the toilet.  He’ll flush the toilet whenever he comes into the bathroom, even if it doesn’t need flushing.

Apprantely, little boys especially get a bit upset at seeing their ‘produce’ being flushed away so it’s good for them to learn it’s a good thing!

Steve was a bit funny about letting Joel watch him go to the toilet, but it’s better for a boy to learn from their Daddy and we’re just trying to get the idea across to him.

I’m not sure when he’ll be ready to attempt going on a potty, I don’t think it’ll be for a while to be honest but he knows where it is for now!!  And for now, it’s a novelty!


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