Emotional Blackmail

It’s bad enough having to work full time at the moment but it’s worse when Joel doesn’t want to go to nursery.

I know that he likes it there really and has a fun filled day. 

But Wednesdays are always harder for dropping him off there, on my way to work.  He’s had the weekend with Mummy and Daddy, and Monday and Tuesday with Grandma and Grandad.  So Wednesday is a bit like a Monday for regular folk!

This morning though was the worst yet.

I’d walked Izzy to my parents so that could have upset him as he saw Grandma and Grandad and wanted to go in, but couldn’t.

He’d dropped blankie en route somewhere so Grandad had to go out and find it, but with a crying Joel, no blankie is a terrible thing.  (I must buy another as we seem to have misplaced the 3rd one!)

By the time we got to nursery he seemed ok, but unsettled.  We went in, and a lady helping out with holiday cover took him.  Well, he wasn’t having any of it.  He drew a breath, as though an almighty crying roar was about to emerge, but keep drawing in, and then passed out.

He’s only done this a couple of times before, but he was out cold. 

I decided to wait with him and he clung to me like a limpet before his key person arrived.  He still howled as I left, and she walked him to another room out of sight and I sniffed my way to the office.

I gave it 10 minutes and then rang to see whether he’d settled to be told he’d had a cuddle, played with some toys and was running after the girls and was happy as could be.

I just wish the guilt would go away 😦


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